Housing and Education

Adult Family Homes

2021 Update: Now accepting applications to fill upcoming resident vacancies. Click here to fill out our housing application.

Community Homes owns and operates 7 licensed adult family homes in the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell and Woodinville. Each home has 5 residents with a licensed, live-in care provider. We currently have three men’s homes and four women’s homes, serving a total of 35 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Shared Living

Community Homes provides consulting support to develop Shared Living homes, which utilize Section 8 vouchers and serve 2-3 residents with a licensed, live-in care provider. These homes are located throughout King County. Since 2014, we have assisted families in developing 11 Shared Living homes serving 25 adults with disabilities.

Once the home is operational, Community Homes may provide continued fee-based management support for family members and the care provider. 

Housing Education Series

The road to independence for an adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities includes secure and affordable housing. Community Homes is committed to helping families understand and navigate the housing journey.

Our Housing Readiness Workshops are offered throughout the year in various locations and provide information regarding the housing models available and the “stepping stones” for accessing them. Workshops are offered for three “levels” of information, designed to present complex information in manageable sections.

We have partnered with King County DDD and the cities of Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland, Redmond and Woodinville to offer these workshops. We have offered workshops for Spanish-speaking families with the Arc of King County.

In 2020 we also launched our Parent Networking Program in collaboration with My Village Northwest. This monthly opportunity provides a virtual meeting space for parents to support each other as they start the housing journey. 

Questions? Contact Cathy Murahashi, Education and Outreach Manager at 425-233-6930 or via email at cathy@community-homes.org. 

Workshops are divided into four tiers: 

Person Centered Housing Journey: This is the heart of our workshop series.  We believe that having a vision for a meaningful life is foundational in being successful in your housing journey. These workshops will help set the course and prepare and plan for a full life.  The person-centered workshops are not linear and can be taken anytime.  We suggest starting with the “Creating a Meaningful Life” and “Housing Vision & Personal Profile.”

Understanding Services: Our introductory series is meant for those new to the system and need a roadmap of services needed for housing.   We suggest you take our overview workshop “Understanding Services” first so you will understand the roadmap needed for housing.  The other workshops in this series are available to fill in gaps in your knowledge base and go deeper into each element needed for housing.

Exploring Housing Models: Our intermediate series gives an overview of the various housing models.  We suggest you take the “Housing Models overview” first. This will help you understand the various models in Washington State.  The other workshops go into more detail, about the availability, costs, pros and cons about each of the various models.

Developing Housing: Our advanced series is currently in development. It includes two tracks: Introduction to “Shared Living Toolkit” and “AFH Toolkit.”  These two series walk you through step by step the process for creating Shared Living or an Adult Family Homes.  We expect this series to be ready in 2022.

We recommend that you start with “Understanding Services” and Exploring Models Overview.”  These will give you a basic understanding of the housing system.  We offer these workshops frequently.