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Our Mission

Community Homes provides, promotes, and sustains exceptional community-based housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Mailing Address:
PO Box 1240, Bothell, WA 98041

Office (By Appointment):
10532 NE 68th St., Suite 201,
Kirkland, WA 98033

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Community Homes, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability and/or veteran status.

Community Homes is a member of the Housing Development Consortium and Alliance of Eastside Agencies.


Founders John and Ann Therrien started Community Homes in 1995 for their daughter, Jenny. They wanted her to have every opportunity to live more independently. Our first Adult Family Home in Bellevue still serves Jenny and four other women. Since then we have expanded to ownership of seven Adult Family Homes and have assisted families in the development of eight Shared Living households throughout King County, serving more than 50 residents. Our live-in, licensed care providers ensure continuity of support services, enabling our residents to achieve their highest potential.

Our Administration

Vicki Isett

Executive Director 

Alyssa Midgley

Director of Services

Helene Wentink

Advancement Director

Catalina Angel

Services Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Tom Bartholomew


Rush Riese

Vice President

Curtis Young


Marcie Hinthorne


John Smiley

Past President

Lisa Soli

Board Member

Sarah Sherertz Vogt

Board Member

Lynn Chittenden

Board Member

Our Care Providers

Our dedicated Care Providers are the heart of our work. We are grateful for their passion and daily support of our residents.


“Thank you for meeting with us yesterday.  You were so helpful and the information you gave us made us see that our daughter’s community goals seem achievable.”

“We are grateful for all they do … Community Homes helps our young adults with disabilities lead a more independent life. It is reassuring to know that Community Homes is a huge piece of support for our daughter now and into the future.”

“Community Homes has been a life line of learning for me. They are someone I can trust, and entrust my most valuable possession with – my son.  And I am still listening and learning something new”

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